Admission Procedure

Teaching and learning models
The teaching and learning models deploys several methodologies, DVPS deals with the 5E’s of Education i.e., Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. The co-curricular activities like debates, recitation, essay writing, quiz, dramatics, science and art exhibitions allows the children explore and sharpen their skills.

Admission at Doon Valley Public School
The school is secular in nature and welcome children from all walks of life for admission. Parents seeking admission for their wards should obtain application form for registration with the prospectus. Once the candidate is selected, he/she is required to fulfill all the formalities and pay the necessary fees. Minimum age for Standard I is 5+ years. Birth certificate of the child must be produced as age proof.

Registration for admission should be done well in advance ahead of the academics session, which starts in April every year. The admission procedure commences in January/February.

The progress of Students in their studies and all other activities is continuously and compressively evaluated (CCE) through assignments Class Test, Unit Test, Project Work and other co-curricular activities. In addition at the end of each term there will be and examination. The School has two terms to facilitate the smooth curriculum transition.

1st Term: April to September
2nd Term: October to March