The teachers are well qualified Graduates/Post Graduates with B.Ed / NTT background. The Teachers are young and highly motivated who work as facilitators.
Junior School

Pre- primary
Our pre-school provides an educational establishment offering early childhood education to children between the ages of 3-5 yrs. At the pre primary level teachers lay a lot of emphasis on the play way method.

Our primary school provides an education to the students between the age group of 6-12 yrs. At this level the teachers’ emphasis on the formation and base for their bright future.

Aesthetic Club
The objectives of the Aesthetic Club are to present programs at various meetings of a literary, musical and timely trend; to assist in educational uplift; and to bring its members together for social enjoyment.

Medical Care
Immediate first aid/medical care is provided to students whenever such contingency arises. Medical check-ups are also done.

Bus facilities for the children/Students are lifeline of the school. At present the School owns one large and one small bus.

Class rooms
The school provides for interactive learning through well interactive learning through well structured, spacious and well ventilated classrooms. The number of students in a class is kept in such a way so as to ensure inter activity and enough space for each individual to feel comfortable to work. Interactive computer aided classrooms especially HCL smart classes, empowers teachers to transform the traditional blackboard and chalk method into interactive sessions. The multimedia content enables teachers to explain complex concepts in an interesting and understandable manner.

Science laboratories
Our science labs are spacious halls that can accommodate 20 to 25 students at a time. The labs at DVPS are equipped with first aid kits, safety floors and storage rooms that provide a clean and hygienic ambience to carry out the experiments. These labs are a source of experimental learning that concentrate on learning through discovery.